hygienic comfortable practical

hygienic comfortable practical

hygienic comfortable practicalhygienic comfortable practicalhygienic comfortable practical


Coverbugs seat and strap covers making the trolley seat into a comfortable and clean environment

hygienic, comfortable and practical covers

use on newborn trolley seats

Use the seat and strap covers to cover the newborn trolley seat and straps on supermarket trolleys , keeping your gorgeous one clean and comfortable  while you are shopping. The seat cover is waterproof so  can be put over a wet seat & baby will stay dry.  Other dirt and bugs are kept under the covers away from baby.

& on high chair or buggy straps too!

You can cover 3 or 5 point harnesses on highchairs or buggies  with our lovely clean harness covers. Much easier to pop your Coverbug in the washing machine than to have to take the puree covered straps off a highchair! The material of the Coverbug is also much softer and more comfortable for baby than the nylon webbing straps on most highchairs or buggies.

machine washable

The covers should be popped in the wash after each use so they are ready to go again.

integral pouches

Clever integral pouches keep the products clean & tidy in your bag and after use keeps any mess wrapped up. And  you can't lose the pouches however hard you try!

Lovely soft fleece area behind baby's head to make him comfortable

Lovely soft fleece under baby's head area...

So comfy in his seat with Coverbugs that he's fallen asleep!

So comfy we've fallen asleep!

Coverbugs being used to cover straps on a buggy making then clean and comfortable

Big bro had a go with strap covers  in the buggy!

Strap covers stop the nylon webbing saftey straps rubbing on baby.
Strap covers keeping the high chair straps comfy and clean.

Keep the highchair straps clean or cover up messy straps in cafes etc

Coverbugs logo and space design material

Grab a Coverbug before you go!